Meanwhile, at The Mother Baby Center…

I am settling down for a second full-night’s stay at the Center. Today was a quiet day of resting and receiving medications. Most of my updates have been dictated to Levi due to my sore IV arm, so I’m telling this one to him as well…

So, after a lovely weekend in Stillwater I woke up very early Monday morning (day after my birthday) to some painful cramping leading to contractions which were about one minute apart. We went to the Center to be checked out around 4 AM, and found out I was already about 3 cm dilated–officially in pre-term labor. I got started on some medications to help the baby develop quicker while he’s still hanging out in the womb. These were 2 shots of betamethasone (right in the bum!), a steroid which helps his lungs, and an IV of magnesium sulfate for the baby’s brain. The meds also helped slow down labor to contractions every 10 minutes, then eventually mild-to-none.

That morning we were given a room within a few hours, and unfortunately labor progressed further so we were told we would not be going home until the baby makes his arrival. I had dilated to 4.5 cm so we were moved to a labor & delivery room where we will stay until things look quiet enough to move back to a more comfortable room. So we did not get much sleep the first day due to the regular contractions, but thankfully they slowed down enough in time for the night (Monday) so I could get enough sleep and plenty of rest during the next day (Tuesday).

The nurses have been super accommodating…but Levi is my favorite nurse. He has been right by my side.

<Laura drifts off a bit and Levi prods her awake to finish>

It was great having my dad and brother, Tanner, visit the first evening to break up the monotony of hospital stay. And lots of fun to have my girls around the next day! When I’m not sleeping or having visitors I try to eat…the dining-in service has been excellent. And though the TV selection isn’t the best Levi brought some Portlandia DVDs to put a big smile on my face. Thanks Fred & Carrie!

Another big thank you for everybody’s support. Reading kind messages is wonderful while we are stuck here waiting for the little boy to make up his mind about when he wants to enter this big bad world. Keep checking back here for updates…we will make sure to post if anything changes or we have a clearer idea of what the week looks like. Love you all.


One thought on “Meanwhile, at The Mother Baby Center…

  1. Laura and Levi! Thank you so much for posting this message. I really wish I could make it out to see you, but just know I am here and I am reading! Good luck, I am sure everything will go great (it is awesome that we have so much technology and great hospitals to help our babies)! I love how you guys are staying positive and not stressing that is what parenting is all about and it looks like you have everything under control. As annoying as the hospital stay may be enjoy it because he will be here before you know it, and that will be fun too! Much Love! -Steph

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