News from Day Three

Hello everyone, it is after dinner and Laura’s father, Stuart, just left after another visit. It has been a bit of an exciting evening as before that, our friend Rita stopped by as well. She is in town from Arizona, because her cousin is a patient across the way at the Children’s Hospital. She happened to see our posts and was able to stop over, which was a very nice unexpected surprise.

So this morning we had an assessment from one of the doctors who said that the current plan is to keep Laura on the magnesium until at least this Friday, which is her official 32-week mark. This is an important developmental milestone, and at that point we would switch to an oral medication. This would potentially go for another two weeks, while staying on bed rest at the hospital. That would get us to the 34-week mark, another important milestone. Any delivery under 34 weeks would happen in a special delivery room near the NICU, past 34 weeks would be the type of room we are in now, and past 36 weeks is full-term and the baby would be able to stay with Laura right after the birth.

The male doctor said he thinks that obstetrics is not an exact science, so he had to give an opinion based on his 30 years of practice. Laura was a bit bummed to have to stay on the IV for two more days, but another doctor will be on shift tomorrow and may have a different take. This is Dr. Hanno, the first doctor Laura met when she was 8 weeks pregnant, so we are looking forward to hearing her take. By now though, Laura is really positive and strong and has come around to the idea of keeping the medications in for as long as they need to be. This is because of something the nurse told us, which is only a rule of thumb but a reassuring one: for each day the baby spends in the uterus from here on out, that is three fewer days he will have to spend in the NICU after birth. Laura is proud to be hanging in there for the good of our little one.

Basically, we are trying to get used to the concept that we could be here for a while. Even if Laura was released to go home with a quiet baby, she would be under strict bed rest….so it’s time to get creative with the entertainment and ways to pass the time. I will continue to stay overnight here throughout the week, and we will see what happens after the big 32-week point this Friday.

Thanks for the continued words and thoughts, and we are so excited to be able to share information with everyone. Take care.

One thought on “News from Day Three

  1. I am so excited! I have more books that you can shake a stick at, if Laura needs new ones. We’ll leave Dove at home. Best wishes on 36 weeks! It’s nice to breathe easy.

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