A calm in our ever-evolving storm: Laura and I are sitting here chatting with my mom. We decided to undergo an epidural about an hour and a half ago. She is relishing the relief from the pain of her continued frequent contractions. Her legs are numb and she had some welcome laughing fits over the weirdness of it all as the drugs were settling in.

Laura had several hours of labor before that. She was very strong in enduring really intense contractions that were coming every 4 minutes or so. She is dilated to almost 9 cm and her amniotic fluid sac seems like it’s ready to rupture at any moment. The baby is sitting quite low in the uterus, adding to the signs that birth should come soon.

The change in her contractions started around 5 PM when her brother Tanner was visiting. We were quickly moved back upstairs to the exact same room where we have been staying all week. Dr. Hanno has seen us several times, and we will move once more for the actual delivery, which needs to occur in an operation room close to the NICU.

I had my blue jumpsuit on earlier, but took it off when things quieted down. (Plus Laura did not appreciate me making her laugh when I stomped around in slow motion like an astronaut.) My mom finished her drive up from Marshalltown and now the three of us are meeting a new nurse at the shift change, and they are checking Laura once again.

It should all happen before too long. We are excited, especially that Laura is free from most of the pain. Time to rock and roll. Or rest. We never can be sure. Until next time!

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