Room #29

We’re getting pretty used to visiting with Isaac in his room in the NICU by now. We even got to spend last night on a little fold out futon on the side of the room. Sleeping near his crib was wonderful – even if I only got about an hour or two of rest. Which is how it should be, right? New parents are supposed to be exhausted! But instead of sympathy, I got a gentle lecture from his nurse when she found me hanging by his side at 3 am. Oops.

Isaac is making progress with each hour of the day. Levi, Gma and Gpa Byers, and I just spent the last hour holding his hand and watching him stare at us with open eyes. We’d only previously seen him peek at us briefly, so this was very special! He’s slowly learning to digest his food now and I’m finally producing enough milk for him to use for his feedings. He gets his feeding and cares (temp check, diaper change, etc.) every 3 hours so we can plan to be in the room.

Another fun highlight of the day was Levi and Isaac doing “Kangaroo Care”, which is a session of skin-to-skin contact. I put up a super adorable photo for your viewing down below 🙂

Just taking it day by day and looking forward to every piece of good news. Every advancement is one more step to coming home!


Isaac’s room in the NICU


Levi doing Kangaroo Kare


Isaac Chase, 2 days old

2 thoughts on “Room #29

  1. Levi & Laura – congratulations on the birth of Isaac. He is absolutely beautiful. I will keep all three of you in my thoughts and prayers as you work to get Isaac healthy so he can come home with you. Sending lots of love your way….

  2. I was lucky to spend the weekend with Levi, Laura, Isaac, and my beautiful wife Rita (Jeema) in Minneapolis! What a wonderful and loving family they make! Many special moments in NICU with Isaac, sharing the time his parents touch him and feed him and talk to him. As I drove home today I couldn’t be prouder of our fam. Grandpa Byers (I lov you all more than you know)!

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