Lights, Camera, Isaac

A couple of days have passed since the last update, and not much has changed. Which is a good thing! He is still working on tolerating feedings. It’ll take some more days, but it’s been a two steps forward, one step back kind of progression. He’s doing great on his breathing though and we keep getting great reviews on the docs as far as his overall development. One thing each nurse has commented on: he’s a bit dramatic! He’ll put on the biggest grimace and start fussing instantly upon simple things like a thermometer in the armpit. But then as soon as it’s gone, he’s perfectly content. It’s amazing how much his personality is already showing through!

Yesterday was my turn for Kangaroo Care. It’s by far my favorite time with him and I look forward to a day when I can pick him up as I please without any assistance from the nurse.

2013-07-22 16.57.04

In this pic he still had an IV in his head (which wasn’t actually hooked to anything, it was just there in case they needed it), but now it’s gone!

The doctor noticed a little jaundice on Isaac’s cheeks and chin area, so they ordered a 48-hour session of special lights that he lays under. I had no idea how funny it would look – just like he’s chilling in a tanning bed! Complete with tanning goggles. He likes to rip off the glasses and multiple times the nurse will come back into the room after an hour or so only to find them under his chin or on his forehead. My man is tough if he thinks he can take those lights without any shades!

DSCN0698               DSCN0701

The IV you can see in these pics is hooked up only to protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat. Basically to fatten him up so he’s a couple pounds heavier when he comes home. The chubbier the better I say 🙂 In case you’re curious, the other wires/cords are to monitor heart rate, breathing, etc.

He’s been getting lots of tummy time to help aid his digestion, and it seems to be working. That’s the position he was laying in when we said goodnight to him – it’s Levi and my first night sleeping in our apartment since the weekend of my birthday. A welcome change, but also a sad feeling to be way on the other side of town for a whole 12 hours. I love my little man so much.

Take care everyone and thanks for reading about little Isaac’s first 4 days in our world. More to come in a couple of days!

3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Isaac

  1. Hugs and hearts! What a gorgeous little buddy. Solon got a couple hours of the lamp. It’s hard to have your baby so close, yet so far.

  2. Thanks for all the encouraging words, Sonja. He is doing better day by day and we stay up late at night just talking and thinking about him.

  3. Thank you so much for posting about him Laura and Levi. I love reading about him and it is great to hear good news everyday! Like I said before it is amazing that you both are staying so positive throughout what could be a stressful time. I can see the joy on your faces through these pictures and I cant help but smile!

    I am back in town now and I understand how busy things can be and how visitors are only allowed certain hours, but let me know if you are up for visitors either at the NICU or even just for a bite to eat near the hospital. I work in Maplewood so I drive by Children’s hospital a lot (St. Paul anyway), but I am more than happy to venture into Minneapolis!

    Love you all!! He looks perfect! I love the tanning session too, my mom didn’t let me go into a tanning bed until I was 14!! =P for the best right? (JK)!

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