One Week Old

It’s been one whole week since Isaac was born and I can hardly remember what life was like before he entered our world. This must be something every new parent goes through, but I imagine it’s slightly different when you deliver close to the time you were expecting to. Right? It’s hard to believe that most people in their life will go through the incredible journey of parenthood. It definitely gives you a new outlook on life and a greater respect of mothers and fathers everywhere.


Isaac’s honorary aunties, Amy and Ashley

Anywho, some updates. The biggie of the week was Isaac’s move two days ago from the NICU to the Special Care Nursery! This new wing is located in the Mother Baby Center where this whole adventure began. The SCN is a step up because it’s intended for babies who require less intensive treatment. He’ll be in this room until he gets the boot. The move made a pretty dramatic difference! The halls are much quieter, and there is significantly more space to breathe and move around in. The day’s routine is pretty much the same. He still gets fed/changed/assessed on the same schedule of 12-3-6-9.

Along with the room, we got an anticipated date of discharge. This is huge because when we first visited Isaac in the NICU they told us he could be here up until his due date or longer. We had no idea whether he would have complications or how severe his needs were. Of course, the date they gave us is just an estimate. He could need to stay longer (if he’s not learning how to feed quick enough) or he could end up coming home even sooner than we thought. So *drum roll please*……August 16! Just 3 weeks from today. He will be 36 weeks gestation on that day. My big hope is that he will latch on quickly and not have too many hang-ups on feeding from a nipple. I’m doing my best not to get my hopes up, but when the nurse said it could be earlier than that date, I knew that I was determined enough to help him learn all he can in just a couple of weeks.


Isaac’s first outfit, picked out by the nurse. Doesn’t he look teensier than usual with clothes on?

DSCN0731 <– Eyes wide open!

And of course, I have to include another daddy and me pic!


That’s all for today, folks! Can’t wait to find out what good news I will be sharing with you all next. 🙂

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