What About Luca?

In the July whirlwind existed a beast just as brave as the rest of the family. Like any canine, Luca appreciates direction and stability. It was first shaken during the bottlerockets early in the month, and on the night of the 4th after a long day of packing Laura and I stood barefoot on Portland Avenue to watch distant displays as Luca cowered under the bed.

And July, July, it never felt so strange for the pup. When first introduced to the new apartment she peed on the nursery carpet. (She had never had an accident indoors since we have known her.) When we moved her in for real she did just fine, although she still does not roam free in the backyard while we wait for lawn fertilizer to decompose or be washed away. That’s fine, as it is a nice walking neighborhood and Logan Park is a block away.

Then came Isaac, early out of the gate. We left Luca in a cage around 4:00 AM and went to the hospital. After things settled a bit, I returned mid-morning to give her a late breakfast and let her out, then locked her back up. That’s when I called on my friend Mike to swoop in. He already had a set of our apartment keys because he was the one there to feed and relieve Luca twice while we were in Stillwater the couple days before it all went down. After I got ahold of Mike, we did not see Luca for a week.

But she was in great company. We hear she adapted well to the dogsitters’ place, and she had a good companion in Mike and Kari’s sweet pup, Whisper. They are both about a year and a half old, and both Humane Society rescues. It was a huge relief for Laura to be sent pictures of Luca tired and happy with her pal:

62820_546250136229_1768811572_n      1001030_546433359049_830538370_n

(Photos courtesy of Michael Deuhs)

Luca also got to interact with the resident feline, Darwin, about which Mike told me, “Don’t ever get a cat while you have that dog.” Ha. It sounds like Luca did not vibe with this strange creature, but there were no serious tangles between the two as far as I know.

Now she is back at home in a somewhat more stable pattern. She got a lot of good attention from Gma Rita in the week or so following our hospital stay, and is predictably covering our new apartment in layers of black hair. Joy. She did have a day-long stomach bug that happened to manifest itself when my mother returned to visit with my brother Brady, and they got the pleasure of cleaning up another indoor mess–again in the nursery–while Laura and I were away. But now that August is here I hope everything is settled, and that she feels a bit more comfortable in her new home.

Apologies for July, Luca. Let’s not do it quite like that again. Loves.

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