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Today was Isaac’s anticipated discharge date, but unfortunately he failed his car seat evaluation. It’s a one hour test that determines whether or not he can breathe properly without dropping his oxygen levels. Even though they were mild desats, he’ll still have to retake it. This was a huge blow for us because we were so excited to start the weekend off at home instead of the hospital. Now, it looks like he has at least a few more days here as he gets to try again on either Sunday or Monday. He will also be sent home with a portable apnea monitor as well as doses of caffeine, so we are receiving training on their uses. Also got some valuable infant CPR training today. Fingers crossed we will never have to use those skills!

IsaacCarSeat          Beginning of the failed car seat eval.

IsaacBottles          Isaac bottling on Wednesday just before getting his feeding tube removed. He doesn’t need it anymore – he can eat like a big boy now!

These last days are stretching out much longer than previous ones. Even though we know that we weren’t even supposed to meet him yet, and we know he’s doing really well for his age, and we know that things could be much worse, it still the hardest thing ever. Most new parents don’t have to leave their baby every night to drive home, then sit in rush hour traffic the next morning to see them again. Most parents don’t need a photo badge to get through security so they can get to their son’s room. Staying up all night (at home) and sleeping only in short bursts (at home) WITH Isaac sounds just fine to me as long as we can be alone with him (and away from other crying babies and nurses interrupting our snuggles). I can’t wait to not have to do things like put off a bottle when he is hungry just because the nurse is helping another baby. Levi can’t wait to be able to hold and play with him together as the room’s setup is not conducive to whole family bear hugs. And of course, we also can’t wait to play him some tunes in our apartment. If I had designed these rooms, I definitely would have included an iPod docking station.

Didn’t really mean this post to sound like one big complaining fest, but these are real feelings that we are experiencing and we hope you understand. Thanks so much to those of you who have given your support. Every bit of help we’ve received has made a big difference.

4 thoughts on “Not Yet

  1. I know it’s been rough, but stay positive. The scary part has passed, and Isaac will be staring at his Dinosaur mural before he knows it. I really hope you get him home soon, and like always, let me know if you guys need anything.

  2. Thanks, friend. We are obviously excited to get this little dino home. He is hooked up to the portable monitor now and we don’t foresee him setting it off too often. If we get into a bind (like if we need more T-Mobile assistance) we will let you know!

  3. Been thinking about you guys daily as our own due date approaches — can only imagine what this must be like. Didn’t think this was a complaining post at all — just honest! So impressed with how well the little guy is doing and excited for you to get him home SOON!!

  4. Hey Elen, thanks for the support. You are getting pretty close, right? Here’s to a very healthy birth. We should meet up sometime this fall or winter so we can exchange parenting expertise and let the little ones meet!

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