Folks, the day has come. It’s been the longest 4 weeks and 2 days of our lives. But now we finally got to bring home our son from the hospital! One day shy of his 1 month birthday, and 1 ounce away from 6 pounds, he is resting in his own nursery.



This morning he had his retake car seat evaluation, and he actually didn’t pass. Luckily, for those babies who can do everything else just fine except for sit in a car seat, the hospital has car beds that preemies can use to ride home in. He passed that test just fine and it was good enough for the ride home. The doctor was a little hesitant about letting little Isaac go home without passing his car seat test since it’s a sign that he’s still immature, but she has a lot of trust in us and knows we are responsible enough to stay on top of things. Until he retakes his car seat test one month from now, he’s not able to go anywhere by car except to the doc. Fine by us! At least he is home.


The nurses kept saying that one day a light bulb would go on and he would suddenly know how to eat properly. Well whaddya know? They were right. One day he was struggling to take half of his bottle and the next he’s downing them right on schedule like he hasn’t been fed in days. While he was still waiting to be discharged, he was put on an ‘ad-lib’ eating schedule where he could eat as much as he wants whenever he’s hungry. He’s been eating well over what he was getting before and is now hungry every hour or two. Uff da. We’ll have a pretty fat baby before his due date even comes at this rate!


It’s pretty strange (and by that I mean strangely AWESOME!) that we are the only ones watching him. No nurses, no doctors, no lab technicians coming in every morning to take his blood. He saw the sunlight and felt a breeze for the first time today. We’re finally normal parents. Loving every minute of it.

We’ll update after a couple of sleep deprived days and nights. 🙂

One thought on “FINALLY.

  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you, Levi and Isaac. I know it has been long four weeks plus. Enjoy the parenting at home!

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