Isaac at Three Months

Isaac hit three months last weekend. (Good job, dude! We really dig your pudgy arms and squirmy ways. And how you are, shall we say, less content to just lie around.) In the spirit of celebration, let’s use this as an excuse for posting awesome baby pictures. Check out this trio of monthly markers:

20130901_100825     20130919_185414     20131020_160324

He grows, and also grins. And has a sweet sock collection. Well no need to stop here…more picture trios!

20130821_143337     20130924_230020     20131005_154554

We keep telling ourselves to keep in mind his smaller sizes before he shoots up out of our arms. Here he is in Laura’s homemade wrap, showing off a smile (probably dreaming). I could hold him in one arm with ease, although those days are dwindling. His first preference is always a chest snuggle, like here with Gma Byers.




Isaac still has to lie down a lot, but over the past month has shown a lot more interest in active looking. We have a couple play gyms for him to chill under, and he can last about 15 minutes before getting anxious. He also is focusing on our faces a bit more, although we remain only one of many interesting things in his line of sight. He does a lot of tummy time when he tires himself out, and if he’s lucky he gets a massage from Mama in the bargain.

20131012_205329     Feed 06     20131006_124516

More visitors! He has seen a lot more faces than he did in his first month and a half or so. Uncles Joe and Matt visited from Iowa recently, and here are Grandpas Arkley and Byers showing off their feeding skills. Also big shout-outs to some of the first babysitters, such as Ashley D., Laura in St. Paul, and Jon & Holly.

20131003_223943     20130921_090335     20130924_210506

A few more for the road. Isaac is testing out his potential skills and identities. Card signer! Total Eskimo! Wizard of Bath!

Hopefully that’s enough I-max cuteness to tide you over. Just wait till the six month mark… photos in sixes! Get ready.

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