Adventures in Chalkboard Paint

Recently, I discovered the wonders of chalkboard paint after racking my brain for a fun way to draw on one of Levi’s Solstice/Xmas presents. Levi loves bread more than any other edible thing on the planet. Since we still didn’t own a bread box, my idea was to buy one and fill it up with a bunch of little presents for him to open on Christmas. Well, buy a bread box I did. But it was too darn cute after being painted that I just couldn’t wait until Christmas to display it in our kitchen! So it turned into an early present for the home.


What makes this particular kind of paint awesome? Well, duh. You can WRITE ON IT. And ERASE it. And write on it again. There are countless household items in your home at this very moment waiting to be painted on. Once I realized how easy it was after painting the bread box, I grabbed a friend (thanks Ashley!) and went to work on making Isaac’s dresser (my favorite piece of furniture in our apartment) write-on-able. Okay, there must be a better word for that.





Now for some of the best I’ve found from scouring the web. I’d like to try each of these someday!

  • Chalkboard headboard


  • Chalkboard Organizer


  • Chalkboard Wedding Decor


The options are endless. Grab some paint, foam brushes, and chalk from your local craft store and get started!

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