The Happiest of New Years……We’re Engaged!

Last night. A quiet night of staying in, dressing up, playing Wii, making homemade pizza, staying warm, and putting Isaac to sleep at the normal bedtime. We’ve become those parents who, by the time 10 pm (okay, 9 pm) rolls around, are asking when bedtime is. But we were determined to make it to 2014!

And I’m so glad we did. Because, as Volcano Choir’s “Byegone” played on the radio in the background, the love of my life asked me if I would become his wife this year. And eventually, after a series of “What?! Are you serious?! No way!”, I said a resounding “YES!” and became the happiest woman in town.


We already feel incredibly thankful to be a part of such a wonderful family.  This new development will be an exciting way to celebrate that as we move forward in our lives together 🙂


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