Isaac at Six Months

20131201_211908[1]     20131219_112849     20140119_103714[1]

Isaac is now SIX months. Wow! We celebrated his half birthday yesterday, then went in for his 6 month check-up this morning. He is doing swimmingly well on all fronts, and has caught up to other babies born on his birthday. In other words, there’s not one sign of him being a preemie anymore.

20131228_121721     20131228_184219

Now that he’s rolling over both ways, we’re looking forward to him sitting up on his own and crawling soon! We’re excited but nervous to have a mobile baby around the house—time for the baby-proofing to really begin.

20131204_175617[1]    20140106_132404[1]    20140113_155035[1]

A couple more updates from the check-up: Isaac is to go on starting fruits and veggies (time to start making baby food!), and he is less than an ounce away from 17 pounds. Go Isaac!

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