Wedding Day!

The second best day of our lives so far started out as a snowy mess. Lucky for us, it only got better from there. The sun came to our rescue just in time to clear up the barely plowed roads, and we ended up with the perfect snow-filled backdrop for photos in downtown St. Paul. The chill that greeted us during our first photos together at Rice Park disappeared and was replaced with a comfortable and sunshiny afternoon.


We had a blast making our way towards the courthouse with our photographer, Kasey Jean, who totally picked up on our carefree vibe. Even though she hadn’t photographed a courthouse wedding before, she truly captured the spirit of the day and helped make the experience so much more romantic. We thought it was fun that she kept telling us to kiss – good thing we have no problem with a little PDA!


Once we got there, we explored the surprisingly beautiful inside then headed up to the 16th floor – the chambers of Judge John Guthmann. He was so kind to make time for us at the end of his workday, and was genuinely excited to officiate our wedding. He had his own vows prepared and even let us write some of our own to each other. The ceremony was short and sweet, just what we were hoping for! He must be a popular guy because after the ceremony, as our witnesses were signing the license, he got a phone call from another couple asking him to marry them the following week. Love is really in the air.


As newlyweds, our first outing was to Stillwater with our wedding guests. We hit up Marx Fusion Bistro for some divine pasta and wine. We were feeling high from the day, and the amazing dinner was a great way to end the day. But it wasn’t over yet – after our guests went back home, we got to stay in the most luxurious Bed & Breakfast room we had ever been in – the Agatha Christie carriage house at the Rivertown Inn. As book nerds, we appreciated the extremely close attention to detail from Murder on the Orient Express  which we both read this spring. Needless to say, we had a fabulous time.

     IMG_20140404_191851     IMG_20140404_204036

Thanks to everyone who showed us love on our big day! More celebrations to come. Love from the Byers!

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