Isaac at Nine Months

Three months have passed since the last Isaac update, which means we’ve got a nine month old on ours hands now!

20140219_175502   20140319_102519   20140419_170513

These last few months have been an exciting transition into the next stage of babyhood – mobility! He’s continuing to build muscle strength all over that will enable him for the first big milestone of crawling. At the moment he’s mastered the backward scoot and doesn’t understand why he’s getting even farther away from the toy he’s trying to reach for. Poor baby!

20140222_192813     20140417_163642     20140322_140710

In the meantime, Isaac has gotten really good at sitting up, but he still prefers to stand even though it requires us stabilizing him. He just likes to be that much further higher, which totally fits his personality. Always ready to move on to the next big thing. Just like his mama!

20140306_183926   family   20140414_172230

After months of drooling and fuss over his gums, a couple of white chompers emerged at the beginning of the month. The first one arrived on April Fool’s Day which didn’t make it easy to convince everyone that it actually arrived. It was tough, but I finally got some photographic evidence and he’s now proud to show off his pearly whites for us. Especially when he gets the chance to bite our fingers. They’re surprisingly sharp!




And of course, more food. He’s a jar finisher now, and luckily he’s not too picky. Except for when it comes to green beans of course. But really, who likes green beans? More in a few months–stay tuned!

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