Happy first birthday to Isaac Chase!



tongue0003     tongue01

Okay, it’s two days after his birthday. We had such a fun weekend celebrating his first year of life that we didn’t get a chance to boot up our laptop and gush about it. But that’s what Mondays are for! We’re so darn proud of our Isaac. We threw him a pirate party to celebrate his big day, complete with costumes and a waffle barrr. It was a fabulous day surrounded by some of our closest friends and family.

unnamed (7)     unnamed (6)     unnamed (5)

Since we updated you all last, he not only is a super crawler, but he’s SO close to walking that it makes me very nervous. Why? Because we will be heading off to Camp Quest of Minnesota for a week of volunteering, and our little guy will be in Iowa with his grandparents. We’re crossing our fingers that his first steps will happen either before or after that week! On Saturday, he got some pretty rad presents from friends and family including TWO walkers. So you know, in case he gets bored with one, he can use the other and the fun never stops. It was amazing to watch him instantly take to it. He really is ready to go off on his own.

tongue4     11     tongue02

On the chompers front, he’s now popped eight shiny white teeth out of his gums. That’s a lot for only a few months. Poor little guy is still drooling and chewing those tiny fingers on a regular basis. Now that he’s learning finger foods, those teeth are coming in handy. He’s still not much of a fan of anything other than puffs and dried fruit/veggies, but we’re getting there. For his birthday candle, we made waffles and topped it off with chocolate syrup and ice cream. You only get one birthday per year, right?

unnamed (9)     unnamed (10)

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make Isaac’s first year so wonderful! We have so much to look forward to in his second year, and we can’t wait to share the next big adventure right around the corner.

Now to bombard you all with our favorite pictures from the last few months…

Bath time!
unnamed (4)
Hanging at the local book store


tongue unnamed (1)

Soaking up the sun on Cross Lake.
Wanting to go kayaking with mama!
unnamed (11)
Dinnertime is no time for funny business.
Kiss from Dad…
unnamed (2)
and one from Mama!

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