Finally! A chance to share with you all about our first week of living in the new house. We’re currently without internet, so regular trips to the local, independent coffee shops have been our way of getting to know Des Moines. Even being cut off to the world, we’re loving our new house and getting to know this town.

It was a huge relief to be living where all of our stuff was after a week in Minneapolis with just the essentials. The big U-Haul trip happened a couple of weekends ago in one day thanks to the help of our friends and family (shout-out to Rich, Rita, Amy, Ashley, Jim, Meghan, DJ, and Vaughn!). Then last weekend, somehow, we were able to cram ourselves, Isaac, and everything else we had left behind. The final journey down to DSM was not without issue – just about halfway down, the Lumina’s front right tire decided it was done being a tire and instead wanted to be strips of rubber strewn about the highway. Ouch. It was scary, but thankfully we had the help of some kind small-town folks to offer their hospitality as she was fixed up. We were back on the road in a couple of hours. The upside to this? We got to meet up with G-ma and G-pa Byers for ice cream in Clear Lake. Yum!

Bare-bones living in MPLS.
Bare-bones living in MPLS.

Now let’s talk about the house! We were fortunate enough to find our .6 acre home in a fabulous area of town, across from a beautiful city park. We have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and much more space than our last few apartments combined. Much of that is owed to the yard, which was one of the biggest draws about the place. It’s spacious and no stranger to wildlife. When we arrived that first night with the U-Haul, we were greeted by a family of deer in our front lawn. We’ve only caught them a couple of times since, but have noticed some signs that they’re still regulars. Yes, I’m talking about poop! We’re guessing that Luca scares them off.

Our backyard.
Our backyard.

I’m looking forward to gardening and mowing, and Levi can’t wait to get the fire/grilling going. There’s a slope that will be excellent for sledding in the winter. So many plans already forming for this space! We own the fenced in area plus a vacant lot on the other side of the fence. Some ideas we’ve had for the vacant space – chickens and apple trees. Anyone else want to share what they would do with it?

Some other areas of the house that we are particularly excited about are the living room and the lower level. The living room is a comfy size, and it’s big enough for all of the books! We got a couch yesterday from Levi’s parents, which truly completes the look.

Living Room

The lower level is finished and perfect for a rec room and guest room at the moment. In the future, I’ll use it as a giant playroom for a home daycare/preschool. We anticipate a lot of evolution in the room as the years go by. It’s even big enough to add a third bedroom for when Isaac wants more independence (or he can just stay a kid forever. That’s fine too!).


For now, we’re spending our days unpacking, mowing, installing miscellaneous things, and getting to know the city a little better. Luckily, we were able to step out on Friday night to go see Future Islands for the second time this year. Please check them out if you have not already. I’ll leave you today with some lyrics that are in my mind these days…

“‘Cause we’re a long way from home

A long way from home, how did we get here?

One step takes me home, two steps back on my own

Three skips to each stone, four steps back and I’m gone”

“Back In The Tall Grass”

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