Family photo sesh, October 2014

Hey, guys! It’s that time of year. Where you can walk down the street and see 20 different shades of red, yellow, and orange, all while sipping that pumpkin spice latte and smelling the crisp autumn air. Why can’t it be October all year round? It’s even better in Des Moines, where the average temp. is slightly higher than in MPLS (think lower 60s vs. upper 50s). Right at the beginning of the month, I knew it was time we had some pro photos taken of our family. My inspiration? Right across the street. Witmer Park, a beautiful green space ideal for discovering nature and play. So, we called up Melissa at Gorman House Photography for a 1-hour session. She was great, the weather was perfect, and the results… well, see for yourself! These were some of our favorites.

Isaac  Family 05 Isaac  Family 08  Isaac  Family 16 Isaac  Family 18 Isaac  Family 37 Isaac  Family 42 Isaac  Family 51 Isaac  Family 57 Isaac  Family 65 Isaac  Family 68 Isaac  Family 74 Isaac  Family 81 Isaac  Family 91 Isaac  Family 97

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our photo shoot!


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