Five Naturalist Albums that Examine How Humans Connect to the Cosmos

Rocks and sky. Oceans and stars. Life and death. Courtesy of The Stake, here are my top five or so favorite albums that take nature for inspiration.

The Stake

by Levi C. Byers

When you get tired of songs about romantic love, what is there left to seek out? For starters, there is the natural world all around us. Some bands construct not just songs but entire albums from this inspiration. While the following musicians may not actively consider themselves naturalists (though I think one or two in this list surely would), I am using the word in its broadest sense, as pertaining to the study of natural objects, organisms, and environments. In reverse chronological order by release date, here are a handful of albums with a noticeably naturalist bent, for the observers and explorers in us all.

Mimicking-Birds-EonsMimicking Birds, Eons (2014)

Evoking the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, Mimicking Birds had an effective first release that included the catchy yet aching “Burning Stars.” But last year’s Eons shows them exploring their early ideas with a new confidence. A line in the first track, “can you or…

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