Our family is growing by two feet!


After spending the second half of winter in hibernation, we can finally reveal our big news…baby number 2 is due this September! We’re beyond excited to expand into a family of 4. Luca is less than thrilled to have another human sibling to fight for attention, but we think Isaac is going to love being a big brother!


The number one thing everyone wants to know is whether or not this little one will be born early like Isaac was. Thankfully, I’m working with a wonderful team of midwives and a perinatal specialist who are dedicated to getting me to full term. In a few weeks I’ll begin a weekly hormone treatment which has been proven to be effective in cases like mine. The hormone is administered via injection in the upper bum muscle (ouch), but Levi will learn how to give the shots at home so I don’t gave to go in to the clinic every week. Here’s a true test of our marriage! I never thought I would need to trust him this much, but I think he’ll make an excellent nurse.

It turns out that pregnancy is much different the second time around. I’m more relaxed about the whole deal having gone through this just a couple of years ago, and I don’t have as much time to spend reading up about baby care anyway. This time, I know that the “flutters” I’m feeling are probably just from the chocolate chips I’ve been sneaking, and my “bump” is mostly just bloat at this point. But it’s still fun to wonder. It’s amazing to be in the second trimester already after a treacherous first trimester. My energy is slowly but surely coming back. Fingers crossed for a smooth second trimester!


For now the big decision is: find out the sex of this baby at 20 weeks like we did with Isaac, or go “team green” and wait until the birth for a big surprise? We honestly don’t have any sort of preference this time for boy or girl, so it would be incredible to wait until he or she is born. Levi is all about the idea, but we’ll have to see if I can be patient enough to wait for the big day (unlikely). Either way, it’s still fun to speculate. Levi is thinking girl while I can’t picture this one as anything but another boy! What’s your guess?


Thanks for reading about our exciting news! We’re so thankful for the positive wishes, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you all as this busy year zooms by us.


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