From the NICU to the PICU

Some of you know by now that Isaac spent a few nights in the PICU at Blank Children’s Hospital, but we purposely didn’t tell too many people about it at the time. That’s because we really didn’t know what was going on. All we knew was that somehow he developed pneumonia. In the evening on Mother’s Day, we noticed a small cough. The next day we took him into urgent care to be checked out. We were told it was bronchiolitis and a double ear infection, and were sent home were a nebulizer and the proper medications.

The next morning, less than 12 hours later, he was hooked up to an IV and a breathing tube in the ER at the hospital and heading to get some x-rays done of his chest. Needless to say it was pretty terrifying watching our toddler go through these tests and not knowing what the outcome would be. A few hours later, a doctor told us that they spotted pneumonia on the x-ray but weren’t able to determine a cause for it from the blood work.

So, we waited. Levi and I stayed by his side all day and all night during the week while our little man fought this sickness which had crept up so quickly.

20150512_121758     IMG_20150513_171815

Gma came to visit a couple of times, which he loved! When he was feeling a little better, he was able to play with toys, read books, and watch some Curious George.

20150513_181316    20150514_105508

On Friday morning we finally got word from the doctor that he was well enough to be treated at home. Thank goodness! It was a long week, and we were overjoyed to be able to take him home and away from all the needles and prodding from nurses in the middle of the night. Now, though he’s still being treated with the nebulizer (with a cool dinosaur face mask), he’s full of energy and excited to be home.


We’re so grateful for the Intensive Care Units, Neonatal and Pediatric, in Minneapolis and Des Moines for saving our son’s life twice. Thank you! Now he can do normal things like pet wild painted turtles and dig around in the sandbox. It’s going to be a wonderful summer.


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