Pinterest-ing Re-creations

Once in a while, I come across something on Pinterest that looks cool, fun, easy enough to make, and downright useful. When I do, I get to work! Here are a couple of wooden projects I’ve tackled over the last month or so.

For Isaac and baby #2:

Ruler Growth Chart – Inspired by this blog.

I started with an 8′ pine board from Home Depot. Since I wanted a 6′ board plus a 2′ board for my next project, I had it cut at the store. Power tools just aren’t my bag. Maybe in the future I’ll invest in a circ saw, but today is not that day! I already had some stain on hand, so I just needed some rags to apply it with.


Once the stain was applied and fully dry, I got to work on marking off the lines for my ruler. I knew I wanted it to hang on the wall rather than touch the floor, so I had to accommodate for that. Using a clear ruler made this step easier so I could make sure all my lines were accurate as I went along. Then, I used these old world-style number stencils I found at Michael’s to trace the numbers.


When I had everything traced for my ruler, I went over the lines with a white paint pen. The ruler in my inspiration was made using vinyl stickers, but I thought paint would look nicer. I made sure to use a paint pen that would work well on wood. The water-based ones I already had would have been pretty useless! After the lines dried, I filled in the numbers. Two “coats” (with drying time in between) with the pen was enough.


The last step was to attach a sawtooth hanger on the back (purchased from Home Depot) and hang it up on the wall in Isaac’s room. I think it looks pretty great! Almost too pretty to write on, but isn’t that the point? It’ll be great to have a portable (and stylish) growth chart for when we move house.


For Levi (happy Father’s Day!):

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener w/ Cap Catch- Inspired by this blog.

I decided not to document this one as much since it was a gift (which he still has not seen or received, so please don’t spoil the surprise!), but I’ll explain what I did to get to this finished result:


Since I already had a 2′ board stained and ready to go, this project was a no-brainer. What better gift for Father’s Day than a tool to make beer (or root beer!) drinking even easier? My first step was to purchase the screw-on bottle opener, which I found on Amazon here.

While waiting for that to arrive, I again used some stencils and a paint pen from Michael’s to paint the “Property of ByerShire” text. I then found a little wooden box that we already had to use as my bottle cap catch. The same stain was used on the box, then just for fun I painted a little chalk message board on the front. The box was a little too big, so I sawed off about an inch on one side before attaching it to the board. I then got some bottle caps out from the collection we started once we moved into ByerShire. I ended up arranging and hot gluing them to the sides of the box to add some color and flair to the project. Can you point out any of the breweries from this angle?

And there you have it. Two projects from one 8′ pine board. I’m already making plans for my next wood project this summer, so stay tuned!

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