The Year Ends, Winter Begins

Happy last few days of the year! Whatever you do or don’t observe, it’s winter celebration season: warm socks, cookies, and music to listen to for one month only.

We celebrate the winter season on the solstice. This year, instead of individually wrapped presents, we put together “solstice boxes” for each other. The gift-giving mantra of “something you want, something you need, something you wear, and something to read” is the way to go.


20151222_141455 20151222_144406

20151222_145004 20151222_142927

On the Sunday before the solstice, Isaac got to ride on the indoor train at the mall. A year ago, Isaac stood on his stumpy 18-month-old legs and watched the train go around while clinging to the bars of the miniature fence. Perhaps it was this day that seeded the obsession of cars, trucks, trains, and anything on wheels. This time around he bravely boarded his lone train car and took it all in while we watched from the sidelines.


Fast-forward to solstice day, and here’s Isaac enjoying himself at the park. In trying to establish some family traditions, we like the idea of a nature walk as weather allows. It got chilly fast this day but was just pleasant enough for a quick excursion.


Later that night: cutting cookies with Mama. The intended shapes were stars (solstice, ya know) and trains (duh). The actual shapes ended up more like… fluffy clouds? Delicious!


Oh yeah, there’s someone else joining us for the winter holidays this year. Happy first solstice, Fin! Hope you enjoy some indoor time with your family as we wait out the winter. Keep smiling, buddy.


All the best to everyone in 2016.

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