Six Months of Finley Charles

Six months of Finley Charles is far too short a time to have lived among such admirable hobbits. Or wait…far too fast a time to have passed since childbirth. Or…you get us. Six months have gone by already!

Fin has gone from a squirming, fragile little lump to a smiley, squishy, curious little guy who loves his exersaucer (that is one crazy word). He laughs, he cries, he’s halfway to human. (“He’s already human. I didn’t create an alien.” -L2) Take a look at this progression. We’re proud of him.

Next goals: baby food. More rolling. The impending crawl. And car trip adventures! We’re ready to take him up to Mpls again soon, though he already did that once with Mama and it went very well.

Happy vernal equinox. It’s a good season to be a baby. See you out in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Six Months of Finley Charles

  1. It looks like the diaper finally fits! 🙂

    I miss my boys….haven’t seen them since early January. We need to get down to see them soon. Or let us know when you’re in M’town.


    1. Hi, Joe! Yep, Fin is growing into his diapers while outgrowing some of his clothes. Time for the next batch of sizes.

      You should plan to come visit sometime in April. Always open to visitors to come hang with these guys and run around with Isaac.

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