Happy First Birthday to Finley Charles!

The standing. The babbling. The climbing. The eating. Our littlest guy turned one a couple days ago, and he’s making himself more and more known every week. We checked in at six months, but that was half a lifetime ago. Here’s to a summer of Finley Charles, and the celebration of his first year.

20160704_182104    20160704_114923   20160704_174950
We had a casual Fourth of July and Fin looked darn good in the team colors. Daytime was a nice day at the park and playing around the house. (Nighttime not so much—although the kids slept fine, the parents were shaking fists at the fireworks into the wee hours.)



Out in public, he’s learning the ins and outs of the play place at Merle Hay Mall, a regular hangout. He also enjoys other people’s birthdays, such as a day at Ashby Park with his mama or at the indoor bouncy castle gym where Gma brought everyone for Isaac’s third.



Back at home, Finely has classic baby moves like draining the TP roll. We also go for as many cuddles as he allows us, including the rare occasion of him actually falling asleep on us.



Baby Fin has absolutely no hesitation when it comes to exploring. Stairs, driveway, sloped yard, garden, chickens, you name it. That’s Isaac sharing some box space, briefly, before Fin tried to take his pliers. Little guy is master of the no-knee, four extremities walk and uses it to cruise with regular speed.

20160908_122719     20160908_135539
On his actual birthday, we made it to Blank Park Zoo, which was the plan on Isaac’s birthday but we got rained out. It was a sunny day this time, with not too many people there on a Thursday. Finley spent part of the time on Dad’s back and part in the stroller, and amazingly stayed awake for all of it. Too curious, this one.



That day, he also had a morning photo session with Mom and of course had a few gifts brought over from the grandparents.Now we’re chasing him around as he instantly takes to his new walker and contemplates how to get from here to there just on his feet. It’s a quickly changing world for our guy,and happy first of many to him!








And now, some bonus tracks from the strange land that is Snapchat:


On a wicked hot day at the farmer’s market. My son, meet my sun. Your first summer got a bit brutal.


He has total domination of this plastic picnic table downstairs. Eeeeesh.


Now that a calendar year is until his belt (er… diaper?), a bit of self-reflection is in order. Welcome to everything, Finley.

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