Five Pounder

Five pounds and one ounce, to be exact. An exciting milestone! He’s up 11 ounces from when he was born and steadily increasing by an ounce or two or three per day. Of course, we can’t really tell he’s grown, but Isaac’s grandparents are in town this afternoon after not seeing him for a while, so we’ll see what they think. Personally, the only big change I’ve noticed is his big double chin. He’s slowly giving in to that Michelin Man look!

20130805_184221 Big smile!

We started bottling on Thursday and he’s doing pretty well for his age. He’s taking full bottles some of the time, but often (and especially with Mom and Dad) he gets too tired and/or lazy to finish the whole thing. At his last feeding today, he took 28/43 mL leaving 15 mL to be fed to him through his tube. Slowly he will get the hang of it and when he does… well you know 🙂 He gave us a little sign the other day when he pulled out his tube by himself. Okay, so he probably did it on accident, but who knows? Maybe he’s trying to tell us that he wont need it for much longer.

DSCN0816                   DSCN0795

Meanwhile, Levi and I are getting revved up to see The National tonight at the Roy. I missed the last time they were in town 3 years ago, so I couldn’t miss this one! If you need some musical therapy, here is a couple of my favorites for you:

From their new album, ‘Sea of Love’ is a fun tune with an awesome video to go with it.

My favorite pick from their older stuff – ‘Secret Meeting’

Also, a shout out to our friends Nicole and Monica who got married on Saturday and moved in to their first house together yesterday. The wedding was awesome and unique as expected. We love you guys and wish you all the best in your life together!


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