You Can’t Do This With A Kindle (II)

You need some heavy hitters for flattening a rug, and they also come in handy to support the baby in his command center:


Stephen King: meeting miscellaneous household needs since 1974.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Do This With A Kindle (II)

  1. Haha, I have the same jumper and took the same picture with my little ones. We used a concordance (Lord forgive

  2. Awesome!
    In the 70’s, James Michener came out with ‘Centennial’, which was extremely thick for a popular book, and was in paperback soon, being read everywhere. Some guy (in Texas?) was shot in the rear end, by accident if I remember the story correctly. He had ‘Centennial’ in his back pocket. The bullet didn’t make it halfway through the book.

  3. I was partly named after a character from Centennial! There is a Levi who takes a young Indian bride. My parents were fans of the book, and I have their original paperback on my shelf. It is indeed a whopper–I still haven’t read it yet but I’d like to give it a go someday.

    That’s a cool news story, I’ll have to see if I can dig it up. Books can save lives, haha.

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