Project: Table Top Switch-Out

Happy 4th of July weekend, my fellow Americans. We celebrated with a day in Levi’s hometown. His parents were excited at the chance to have Isaac spend a couple of nights there, so we were left with a full day sans toddler. We miss him when he’s gone, but he’s so great about spending time away from home. We decided to spend our Sunday checking house projects off our list. The one I’m most excited about? Let me show you what I did with our dining room table.

Here’s what it looked like before:

The chairs IMG_20150705_153746

Those chairs got the boot first. They’re nice and sturdy, but just not my style. Craigslist helped me find a good home for them. The next step was to pop off the table top. It’s a super heavy top with ceramic tile. Again, nice and sturdy, but didn’t belong in our house like I thought it would when we bought it. I knew I could use the table base we already had and build a prettier top that better matched our decor.

When I was ready to hit up Home Depot, I scoured Google images for farmhouse tables. There are many ways to get the look, but I wanted something simple and easy enough to accomplish with minimal power tool action.

Luckily, we already had a couple of beautiful, farmhouse-ish dining chairs from an old table that we were no longer using. They just needed some sanding and a couple coats of paint. The chair on the left was how they looked before, the one on the right was the finished product. The first one turned out better because I spent more time sanding it than the second one. Lesson learned! I used the same ivory paint color on the table base so they would match.


For the actual table top, I purchased 4 – 5′ long wooden boards from Home Depot. They each got sanded, stained, and lightly glued together. I also used mending plates to help keep the boards together and straighten it out. Then, I applied a couple coats of poly finish to give it a nice shine and some protection. Once I had my finished table top and newly painted base, Levi helped me move them into the dining room/area. Here, I screwed the top onto the base from the bottom.

Here’s what I ended up with once the chairs were added:



I think it turned out quite well! What do you think? Next step: build a matching bench for the other side. I’m not in a rush, but I would like to get it done sometime this fall or winter. Having a newborn as well as a toddler will most likely make me too busy to start new projects for a while… but when there’s a will, there’s a way! Right?…right?

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