Update from the NICU

It’s been a long few days since Finley was born on Tuesday morning. Full of wonderful moments getting to know our fresh little baby, but with some tears here and there as we navigate yet another dizzying NICU journey. Finley is one of the big kids on the block since he was full-term while most babies here are pre-term, so we are certainly thankful for that.

Daddy finally got some snuggles.

It’s now clear to the doctors that his reason for needing intensive care was Transient Tachnypea of a Newborn (TTN) which Wikipedia tells me occurs in about 1% of newborn babies. It basically just means that he had some wetness in his lungs which needed to be resolved on its own. No infection thankfully, and we would be home by now since his symptoms are long gone, but yesterday they noticed that his blood sugar levels were low and he required IV fluids. This is mainly due to not being able to breastfeed him right away (because of the TTN). So, I’ve been spending as much time as possible in his room with him while we work on our newly found breastfeeding relationship. I’m so proud to say that it’s going very well and he’s quickly reaching “champ” status! It’s incredibly wonderful to have this physical bond with Finley that I never really got the first time around from only being able to bottle-feed pumped milk to Isaac.

(Speaking of Isaac, he’s been enjoying the outdoor playground here at Blank Children’s while Gma and Gpa Byers go upstairs to visit.)

This guy wants to know what Levi did with his toy bus.
This guy wants to know what Levi did with his toy bus.

So, Finley has just now been fully weaned off the IV fluids, and the doctors will need to see 24 hours of good blood sugar levels in order for him to come home. We think Finley’s homecoming will be the perfect way to spend the weekend.

We really appreciate all of the support and nice words from family and friends, and we look forward to bringing him out into the world to share his sweet self with all of you!

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